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My Children’s Heritage





During the Bolivia photo workshop in April Lars Bertelsen worked on a very coherent photo project. It was initiated by the fact that his children are adopted from Bolivia, and through his project he wanted to document the living conditions of children in the country. His amazing black and white photos are both an inner travel about his own relationship to children of Bolivia as well as a literal look at how children live in this Latin-American country. The photographs capture the kids in play, in contemplation and in relationships with each other and adults around them. Their deep and dark tones suggest an emotional bias to his subject, an emotional attachment that shows both love and worry for the children he photographed. Lars’ photos come across with a clear vision and a very personal expression.

You can find more of his pictures (as well as by the other participants of the workshop) in the book with photos from the workshop published on Blurb: Bolivia 2013. The whole book is possible to preview.

If you are interested in joining Blue Hour Photo Workshop’s next tour to Bolivia, you will find more information here: On the Track of Che Guevara. It will take place from October 7th to 14th.



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  elenacaravela wrote @

I love to see connections with people in photographs-the passion is evident.

  silkpurseproductions wrote @

These photos of are of some very strong emotions. The photographer has made these people real to, not just a photo.

  Three Well Beings wrote @

I love the last photo of the little boy looking up into the camera. He has such an interesting expression…I’d love to know what he was thinking. Beautiful black and whites! wrote @

Very strong emotive images. Thank you for sharing the children’s story.

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