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In Search of Health





Jens Panduro was one of the participants of the Bolivian photo workshop «On the Tracks of Che Guevara» who worked on a very specific and tangible project. During the eight days’ workshop in April he was photographing the health care system in the rural area of Eastern Bolivia. He captured the modest facilities as well as the users of Bolivian health care system. The end result was a touching and honest visualization of how it is to be hospitalized in the small clinics particularly in the small colonial town of Vallegrande, the capital of the province with the same name. The hospital, Nuestra Señora de Malta, is by the way, where the body of Che Guevara was taken to after he was killed in La Higuera, then cleaned and presented to the international press.

You can find more of Jens’ pictures (as well as by the other participants of the workshop) in the book with photos from the workshop published on Blurb: Bolivia 2013. The whole book is possible to preview.

Du you want to do a photo workshop in Bolivia. Then next «On the Tracks of Che Guevara» will take place this autumn, from October 7th to 14th. MORE INFO.



  elenacaravela wrote @


  Three Well Beings wrote @

The photos really do tell a story. I really admire the work you do.

  Sunshine wrote @

Thank you for sharing. The photographs capture the very modest clinic setting well.

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