Workshops Postponed

The corona pandemic isn’t something soon going away. It has affected us all in many different ways. And the outlook for the rest of the year isn’t exactly promising. Thus, Blue Hour Photo Workshops has decided to cancel our photo tour to Nicaragua, originally planed to take place in the end of October and beginning of November.

It’s with a sad heart we announce this cancellation. Up until last week we had hoped for a change to the better, but as the situation stands right now, with a second wave hitting many countries, the only responsible thing to do is to cancel this and another workshop we have planned this autumn.

There is no help crying over spilt milk, instead we need to look ahead. First of all, we will come back with new photo workshops and tours as soon as the corona slows down and makes the world a less unsafe place. Hopefully, already by next year we will see us fit to announce workshops and tours again, although that still remains to see.

In addition we will explore other options. Like one of the participants to the Nicaragua tour suggested after she was made aware of the cancellation: What about creating an online workshop where the participants will get a street photography project for a week, each one in his/ her city or town? Then during the week, the participant will meet on Zoom (or some other online platform) for feedback and professional guidance.

We like the idea and will play with the thought a little over the next weeks. However, it will still have to wait till later in the autumn. But maybe we can ask for some feedback at this point? Would such a workshop be of any interest?

As mentioned above, we have decided to cancel another workshop. It was suppose to take place in September in northern Norway. Technically we could probably have pulled it off, since at least Norwegians can travel freely, still (and they would be the majority of the participants). However, we think we should not encourage any activity that could potentially speed up the second wave of the corona outbreak.

We can stay be creative and keep developing ourselves as photographers—or as any other artist—but we need to stay safe and do our best to suppress the spread of the pandemic.

10 thoughts on “Workshops Postponed

  1. Yes, an online Street Photography workshop would be of interest. I used to go into London where there were great opportunities, but I will need to remain in my local town…in the time of COVID this will be a challenge!

      1. Fair enough. I think I shall be challenged in a smallish town rather than a city, but hey, out of the comfort zone is good

  2. The problem is that we are all suffering from loss. Loss of our former life. We need to accept what is going on. We need to accept that a safe reliable vaccine takes several years to develop. Science doesn’t speed up just because you want it to.

    I have accepted that I won’t be able to see my far away family until at least 2025.

    I’ve paid for online workshops and I was left feeling like I was ripped off; basically paying money for what amounts to photo critique. I might as well watch a free YouTube video; go out and shoot by myself and get free critiques from the members of my local photo club.

    And what would I shoot for street photograph anyway? Everyone is wearing a face mask and very few people are outside.

    I feel like all of this is like grasping at sticks in the water while the ship is sinking.

    1. I understand your feelings. Online workshops require more than just some quick videos and some easy feedback to be worthwhile one’s time (and money), that’s for sure. And yes, the world has changed. I haven’t seen my love one since February, and who knows when it will be possible again.

      1. Otto, I sincerely hoep you see your love soon and all possilibites reopen for you.

        It’s challenging for all of us, but some more than others. I felt the frustration as a student in my last “virtual beverage photo workshop”. Three hours of live instruction over zoom, trying furious to take notes while watching the instruction setup lighting, the one week of frustrating failure with no immediate feedback, followed by 1 hour of critique and explanation of what you attempted, and then another two hours of instruction on the next weekend, then one more week to try again, and back again for the last weekend. It was frustrating.

      2. Thanks for the well wishing. And I certainly see that it can be frustrating. Online workshops have to be constructed for the “new” reality and not just a different way of doing regular workshops.

  3. theburningheart

    I am convinced this year has been a relentless disaster, in many ways, unfortunately necessary in order for us to see our fragility, and all our problems, and misery exposed, and to change for the better, at the same time to use our creativity to overcome the many obstacles on our way, so keep the faith, and keep working, one way or another.

    Best of luck, and best regards.  

    1. It’s definitely been a challenging year. If it was necessary, maybe so and maybe not. No matter what, hopefully we have learned a lesson and become more conscious about our role in keeping the planet healthy and alive.

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