Come to Prague!

Some time ago, Blue Hour Photo Workshops launched a complete new workshop. In the end of September we will teach a photo workshop in Prague. We have been to this vibrant capital of the Czech Republic many a time, but this is the first time we make an attempt to teach a workshop there.

We really look forward to be able to show the participants this amazing city—and of course to let them photograph its charm and radiance. The Czech capital has an interesting historical downtown, is famous for its cafes, the beautiful bridges over the river Vltava and not the least Hradčany Castle. Most of all, though, it’s a city full of life and vibrancy, which we think will be the biggest attraction for participants in a photo workshop. For any photographer who loves street photography Prague is a dream come true.

«Street photography in Prague» takes place over an extended weekend. Maybe it’s something for you to consider attending? Of course, if you live in a different continent it doesn’t make much sense to go to Prague for only half a week. However, for anyone situated in Europe Prague is easily accessible and often remarkably inexpensive to reach. And if you are not in Europe maybe attending the workshop could be combined with an extended visit to Europe. Prague is worth a visit of its own. Even if you don’t attend our workshop, we would recommend the Czech capital, any old day.

The workshop is inexpensive and will be an inspiration for anyone who either loves to photograph street life or are interested in getting into street photography. It will take place from Friday to Monday the last weekend of September. We promise you an extraordinary experience. For more information about the workshop, have a look at the web site of Street Photography in Prague.


Changing Cuba





As Cuba is changing rapidly. In some areas the country is hardly recognizable compare to only few years ago. The changes are mostly seen as positive by the Cubans themselves, like the possibility to open small private businesses, the possibility to sell houses and apartments (and not only through exchange as it was before) and for the young generation; particularly having a bit more internet access (although generally it’s still only for the few and still extremely slow).

Most of the changes are economically, while politically nothing much has changed for the Cubans. Yes, there is less propaganda than before, and there are hardly any political rallies or demonstrations any more, but the political control still hasn’t eased, maybe even to the contrary. The biggest political change happens at an international level with the opening of the diplomatic relationships between Cuba and USA.

It’s still not quite normalized as we found out, my colleague and I, for last year’s photo workshop in Havana and Trinidad. We had a nice number of US participants signed up for the workshop, but one by one they cancelled due to the still quite bureaucratic process of getting travel permits (by the US authorities that is). Hopefully this will change, too.

Go to Cuba!

Gateliv i gamlebyen

Do you want to explore Cuba together with two experienced photographers? In May, Sven Creutzmann and Otto von Münchow will lead a super exciting photo workshop. The two photographers know the Caribbean photo heaven more than most others.

Cuba is a unique country—whatever else you may think of it politically; for a photographer the country is full of exceptional photo opportunities. Photographically speaking, it hardly matches any other place in the world. And by attending the photo workshop this year you will be able to witness a historical time for the country. Already the times are changing rapidly. If communism still isn’t on is way out, the mix of stall centrally controlled governance and a new, more open economy, is swiftly shifting the old Cuba into a modern, but also more global lookalike. Some of the uniqueness is vanishing—for better and worse. Now is the time to experience the uniqueness of Cuba. And what better way than together with Creutzmann and von Münchow who have, respectively, lived in and travel to the country for more than 25 years.

The workshop «Street photography in Cuba» is set partly in Havana and partly in Trinidad. It’s a exceptional opportunity to experience the colourful and warm people of the Caribbean island. And you will combine it with the teaching of two very experienced workshop instructors. They provide you with valuable lessons and individual feedback for you to develop as a photographer. Or as a former participant expressed: «I developed greatly as a photographer.» The workshop is really about picture making and developing your photographic vision. Why don’t you join?

More information about the Cuba workshop.

New Dates for Cuba Workshop

Utsyn over den falleferdige hovedstaden

Blue Hour Photo Workshops is very pleased to announce that our photo workshop in Cuba, which was scheduled to run in September, has been moved to November. It’s by request from participants who have already signed up for the workshop. Some of them found out that the original dates didn’t work after all. The new dates are set to November 10th to 17th, with the workshop starting in Havana and ending there as well. In many ways November is a better time to visit Cuba, it’s less warm and in addition it seems to be a better time of the year for most people to take time off for a workshop. There are still spaces available and maybe the change of date will make it possible for you join, too.

The Cuba 2015 photo workshop is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful Caribbean island, its friendly people, the sensual rhythms of everyday life as well as the former colonial and African culture that still so much influence all life in Cuba. This workshop is directed to photographers of all levels, beginners to advanced professionals. Every day we will be out shooting the streets of first Havana, then Trinidad. Through lectures and daily picture critique the workshop will encourage expansion of visual ideas and production of photographs that go beyond points of view already established. The workshop is taught in collaboration between Sven Creutzmann and Otto von Münchow.

For more information, please look up the site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

New Photo Workshop in Cuba

© Nicolaas Kuipers

This autumn coming up Blue Hour Photo Workshops will once again teach a photo workshop in Cuba. This has been our longest running workshops, the first one going back to 2005. In other words, this year’s workshop will be a 10-year anniversary. The many participants we have had during the years, all come back with strong and captivating images – and all highly praise the workshop. Sven and Otto, the two teachers, can promise you an exceptional experience.

If you have never set foot on Cuba, you will be amazed about the country that is so different from any other. No doubt for better and worse. The fact remains that for a photographer Cuba is nothing less than an earthly paradise – whatever else one may think about this paradox of a country. More than anything, it is the warm, passionate and welcoming people of Cuba, which makes it so special. However, it is so much more than that. It’s the colours, the startling light, the cultural diversity, the striking decay that is imminent everywhere, the colonial heritage, the African influence, the strange mixture of the country’s religions, the contradiction between a society stuck in the 50’s and trying to catch up with a contemporary way of living; and the country’s energy and sensuality.

This year’s photo workshop takes place between September 5th and September 12th. During these eight days you will get amble chances to photograph the rich Cuban culture and its people. While in Havana, the workshop coincides with the Virgen de Regla festival. This will be a great opportunity to capture some of the special Cuban cultural mix of Catholicism and the old African religions originating from the Yoruba area – or today’s Nigeria.

The workshop starts out with a couple of days exploring Havana, the bustling capital, and then we head south to Trinidad, maybe one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean where we will touch base for the rest of the time. Here Sven and Otto will give lectures, guidance and of course do picture critique every day, but most importantly you will be out photographing this spellbinding scenery, society and people.

The last couple of times we have had quite a few US Americans wanting to participate but the political situation has made it difficult to do so. The good news is that new rules put in place by President Obama earlier this year will make it easier for Americans to visit Cuba than it has been for most of the last half-century. This workshop will be a great chance to experience Cuba before it will quickly transform.

Feel like coming along? If you sign up before May 15th we’ll give you a 300 euro or around a 350 dollar discount. For more information – and to sign up – please look up the web site «Cuba in Essence» of Blue Hour Photo Workshop. See you in Cuba?

Pictures accompanying this post were taken by last year’s participants.

© Ingunn Trones

Spiritual Seekers

© Lynne Hayes
© Lynne Hayes
© Lynne Hayes
© Lynne Hayes
© Lynne Hayes

For her personal photo project while doing the eWorkshop taught by Blue Hour Photo Workshops last spring, Lynne Hayes chose to focus on a Songkarn Festival held at he local Buddhist temple in Tampa, Florida. What she did best while working on the project was to get close to the people and the worshipers who visited the temple. She captures their contemplation and their religious reverence, but more importantly she captures the human spirit behind the religious rituals. In her images she shows the human spirit that seeks comfort or gratification in a divine being. The worshipers are first and foremost human beings. But they are human beings seeking something beyond their physical constrains. There is peacefulness and a deep respect in the way Lynne captured the spirit at the Buddhist temple. For more of her work please look up Lynne’s blog Six Degrees Photography.

A Street Artist

© Morten Golimo
© Morten Golimo
© Morten Golimo
© Morten Golimo
© Morten Golimo

Morten Golimo is an artist. During the workshop Blue Hour Photo Workshops taught in Villajoyosa this spring his approach to photographing the streets of the Spanish small-town was with an artist’s eye and understanding of light and composition. All his photos are beautifully composed and bring forward the sense of place and atmosphere. He works with tedious precision and takes his time to frame the subject. And in the post-processing he is more concerned about how the world he photographs looks like to him than how the camera actually captures it. Morten wants to convey the emotional ambience more than the pure physical content of the subject. As the artist he is, Morten is grounded and is able to express his personal vision with conviction. At the same time his is willing to be put to a challenge. During the workshop he was challenge to photograph on the street with a more intuitive approach, to let go of control and get out of his usual comfort zone. At first it was a testing challenge, but eventually he brought back some captivating images quite different from his usual way of shooting. You may find more about Morten Golimo on his website.