Photo Workshop in the England, Sept. 21st to 24th 2018


«Street Photography in Bath»


Bath is a city full of history, street life and beautiful architecture. And of course, what it’s most of all known for; its Roman-built baths. This historical city, which dates back thousands of years, is a Pandora’s box for any photographer. Each street corner, each alley, each landmark and each area offer electrifying photographic potentials.

For the first time, Blue Hour Photo Workshops invites to a brand new workshop in this lovely city, situated in the midst of the rolling hills of Somerset, England. The charming old part of the city is a dream for any photographer, with all its hustle and bustle, not to mention its historic setting. This photo workshop is led by Otto von Münchow, a professional photographer with many years of experience, both as a photographer and as a workshop teacher.

Bath has been described as one of England’s most beautiful places to visit. The city has attracted visitors for centuries. It is famous for its beautiful architecture, iconic sights and fascinating history. With a typical British atmosphere, it’s a photographer’s delight.

Come along with Blue Hour Photo Workshops and discover the beauty of Bath and at the same time develop your photographic skills and voice. This is a unique opportunity to visit and explore one of the world’s wonders with your camera. Bath is a UN World Heritage Site.

This workshop is aimed at photographers at all levels, whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer. The main focused during the workshop will be to develop your personal style and your photographic vision. Through daily picture critique, Otto will stimulate the growth of new visual ideas and your creativity, as well as stretch your ideas of what a good photograph is. The course is less about technology than about imagery, however we will of course also talk about technique when and if necessary. Nevertheless, the focus is on the visual language and the creative approach to photography. During the extended weekend the workshop takes place, each participant will be encouraged to create images that show passion, life, light and vibrant content. As a participant, you will receive individual evaluation and guidance from Otto in order to developing your strengths as well as overcoming your photographic weaknesses.

Together, we will stroll the city of Bath and take pictures. However, you will also get many opportunities to explore the city on your own if you so wish. At the end of the workshop you will have brought together a visual, strong portfolio of between 5 to 15 engaging photographs. These images will constitute a coherent photo essay about Bath built around photos with a personal expression. Every day you will be out on the streets and photograph, you will edit and process the photos and then attend the daily photo critique. In addition, Otto will teach lectures and shows pictures from its own production.

Practical Information:

The workshop begins in the evening on Friday September 21st and ends in the evening on Monday September 24th. However, Otto will be in Bath a couple of days beforehand, so if you want to, you will be able to meet up earlier on Friday for an extra tour with him. The plan is to photograph as much as possible during the three days we have at our disposal. We will also gather every day for picture critique and lectures by Otto.

Our workshops are designed for a limited number of participants. This means we have small groups so teaching can take place on a more intimate level. But it also means that the workshops get booked quickly. The workshop has space for 15 participants. Participants are enrolled on a first registration first serve basis.


The workshop fee is 355 Euros. Accommodation, meals and transportation to and from Bath is not included.

There is 75 Euro registration fee in order for you to hold your spot.

Write us for more information or sign up by email to Otto.