Photo Workshop in Cuba,            Nov. 24th to Dec. 7th 2018

«In the Footsteps of a Revolution»

Come along for an extraordinary photo tour and workshop to Cuba. It’s going to be an adventure that you will never forget, not like anything else you have ever experienced. You will get to know areas of Cuba that most visitors never see and you will immerse yourself profoundly in the Cuban culture.

Blue Hour Photo Workshops is enormously proud to be able to offer this photo tour—for the first time ever. In the end of November 2018, we will be travelling around and photographing across the Caribbean island, a country that is not like any other country in the world. It’s a country and a people that look at itself with pride and self-awareness. It’s vibrant and bustling. For all our photo workshops to Cuba, we say that it’s going to be one of the most colourful and intense photo opportunities you will ever experience. This is even more the case for this workshop in which we travel two weeks, from November 24th to December 7th, from one end of Cuba to the other.

In this photo tour, we will follow in the footsteps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara—and the revolution they created in Cuba. We will visit the cities where major battles were won and we will enter deep into the mountains where they started their revolution. Much have been said about the Cuban revolution—both condemnatory and appraisingly—but whatever the political view, there is no denying that what they did was astonishingly bold and an almost impossible mission.

We start out with four days in Havana. This bustling capital is where Fidel Castro studied law, where he gave his first public speeches, where he led marches against Cuba’s dictator Batista. Of course, we will visit The Plaza de la Revolucion, where Castro held so many of his famous and hours long speeches. Other landmarks will be the defense tunnels of the 1962 Cuba missile crisis, The El Morro/Cabaña fortress complex, where Che Guevara set up headquarter after the victory of the revolution.

After the first day of settling in and exploring Havana, we set out for Playa Giron, the historical site where the CIA led Bay of Pigs invasion took place in 1961. Fidel was the first to arrive in a tank to lead the defense, which defeated the invasion in only 3 days. We continue on to Santa Clara. This is the city where Che Guevara fought the decisive battle for the revolution. Few days after he managed to derail a military supply train of the government troops, Batista fled the island, leading to the final victory of the “barbudos”, the “bearded ones”, as the rebels were called. 30 years after his death, his remains were buried in the mausoleum at the Revolution Square.

Over the next days we will continue east on Cuba, to San Domingo and La Comandacia. Hidden in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, Fidel Castro had his headquarter, La Comandancia, from which he directed the guerilla war. It is here that Castro promoted his fellow rebel and doctor Ernesto Che Guevara to the rank of a “Comandante”. In the south of the Sierra Maestra mountain range lie many small villages like La Plata, Chivirico and Uvero where the rebels fought and won their first battles, making them grow in rebels and weapons. We will stay overnight in Chivirico.

To the far east of Cuba lies Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second city where we will spend two and a half days. Here Castro, in 1953, led the attacks on the Moncada barracks. The assault failed, many rebels were killed and Castro was put on trial where he was defending himself, giving his famous “History will absolve me” speech. 63 years later, on December 4th, 2016, he was buried at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago de Cuba.

On the way back to Havana we will visit Biran, which is Fidel’s birthplace, a small village between Santiago and Holguin, far away from the tourist tracks.

Practical information:

From arrival to the Havana international airport until departure again you will be taken care of by two very experienced workshop leaders. You will be accommodated partly in hotels and partly in private apartments, convenient located for photographing. Every day there will be plenty of time for shooting your photographic project as well as picture critique by the workshop teachers.

Our workshops are designed for a limited number of participants. This means we have small groups so teaching can take place on a more intimate level. But it also means that the workshops get booked quickly. The workshop has space for 12 participants. Participants are enrolled on a first registration first serve basis. Minimum number of participants is 6.

Workshop Teachers:
Sven Creutzmann
Otto von Münchow

• Nov. 24th: Arrival Havana and transfer to hotel.
• Nov. 25th: Havana
• Nov. 26th: Havana
• Nov. 27th: Havana
• Nov. 28th: Departure to Playa Giron and then to Santa Clara
• Nov. 29th: Departure to Bayamo
• Nov. 30th: Departure to Santo Domingo
• Dec. 1st: Santo Domingo
• Dec. 2nd: Departure for Chivirico
• Dec. 3rd: Departure for Santiago de Cuba
• Dec. 4th: Santiago de Cuba
• Dec. 5th: Santiago de Cuba
• Dec. 6th: Departure to Biran and then Camagüey
• Dec. 7th: Departure for Havana and then onward to home.

Regular price for the workshop: 3800.- Euros (does not include transportation to and from Cuba).
The price is based on accommodation in single occupation room. If you want to share room, inquire about the price for the workshop in double occupation room.

There is 295 euro registration fee in order for you to hold your spot.

The price includes:
• Workshop fee.
• Lectures.
• Transportation from Havana to each of the destinations, and return.
• Accommodation in single occupation.

Excluded is everything not listed above, such as:
• Transportation to and from Cuba.
• Airport transfer upon arrival in Havana.
• Transportation within places we visit that is not part of the tour.
• Insurance.
• In particular health insurance and emergency evacuation coverage (as demanded by Cuban authorities) – which any travel insurance normally will cover.
• Food and drinks.
• Transfer to the airport when departuring from Cuba.
• Departure tax in Cuba (25,- CUC, which equals about the same amount in dollars).

Write us for more information or sign up by email to either Sven or Otto