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«Finding Your Photographic Voice»

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Do you want to develop your photographic voice? This online workshop will help you do exactly that. When your photography starts to show who you are, it radiates more strength and captivates the viewer with its uniqueness that follows a clear and distinct voice. «Finding Your Photographic Voice» is an online photo workshop that will take your photography to new places. It will help you build your unique photographic voice.

Every week you will receive a booklet with inspirations, thoughts, knowledge and ideas for your shooting the next week. It adds up to an invaluable book in the end. But the real value of this workshop is the feedback you get from the teacher. At the end of every week you will receive a video in which he explains what is working and what might improved in your photographing. By the end of the workshop you have around three hours of individual and indispensable feedback.

The workshop is taught by Otto von Münchow. The interaction between Otto and you will by over internet. In a more practical sense it will take place over eight weeks. For each week you will receive this booklet (as a PDF-file). Then you will have a week to do the various assignments, of which you will send Otto an edited selection. Finally you will receive his comments in forms of videos of the submitted the photos, included suggestions for improvement – and in which direction he believes you should move your photography. Each week’s booklet consists of 9 to 17 pages of inspiration and ideas, which means that by the end of this online workshop you will have a whole book of more than 80 pages about photographic seeing and capturing.

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is a workshop which you can do at home. You only need a camera (any will do), and be willing to put in some effort into developing your photographic seeing.

This is not a workshop about technique, but about the visual language, how to develop your vision, what you should look for in orders to create catching pictures.

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is for all levels. You definitely don’t have to be a photographer as such – only wanting to develop your photography. Since it’s not about technique any level of technical knowledge is good enough. The focus of the workshop is really to develop your photographic voice. Of course what you are able to express and how you do it, will depend on your technical level, but not knowing much will not prevent you from developing your voice and becoming a better photographer.

Practical Information:

The topics for the eight weeks are:
• Seeing as a photographer. The basics of the visual language
• Understanding colours and the interaction of colours
• Graphic elements of the camera and how it interprets the vision
• The passionate voice, the link to making engaging pictures
• The five elements that make up a good photograph
• Doing the work. Thoughts for developing the photographic vision
• Subject and subject matter. How to bring focus to the story of the picture
• Vision driven photography. The road further on

The online workshop will be limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis. It will start on Monday May 22nd. We will create an internet group where all participants can post their photos and where Otto’s response and picture critique will be visible for all participants.

The price for the eight weeks online photo workshop is US dollars 320,-. If you sign up and pay before April 30th, you will pay the special price of 220 dollars. Start-up is May 22nd 2017.

Does it sound interesting? Sign up by sending Otto an email or use the same email address below to ask more about the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you in «Finding Your Photographic Voice».

Write us for more information or sign up by email to Otto

If you want to get the first lesson for free and get a sense of the format and how it works, just fill out the form the button will take you to:

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This is some feedback from previous participants:
You do a fantastic serious work and I feel that I am constantly met with full respect at the level where I am. Would not have wanted to do this trip with another photo teacher. Your way of looking at the photographic process, creativity and creation feels right for me and I have full confidence in you as a person.

I was especially impressed with the depth of the feedback you provided. You always highlighted both what was good and what could be improved. The balance is nice and important.

In my mind, I hear elements of the workshop echoing each time I pick up my camera. This was the most effective learning experience I’ve ever encountered with photography.

I found all of your lessons to be good, and I learned from all of them. I think as being so new to this, and never having taken a lesson from anyone, I may have benefited more than someone with more experience in the technical aspects. Your critiques also helped me see a lot of things that I otherwise may not have figured out for awhile, and I am using this information now as I continue taking photos. The weekly format worked well for lessons and assignments. All in all, this has been an extremely positive experience for me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and having assignments is a great way to make you focus! It certainly wasn’t easy at times, but no pain, no gain!

The content and progression of the course was fine and you gave generously of your time with the feed back movies each week that worked really well.

Thanks for a very well conducted workshop! I’m really impressed with the booklets! I think it was exactly the right amount of theory, with many good images as examples. The tasks were exciting, interesting and challenging. I have participated in two photo workshops earlier, but they were never as thorough, constructive and professional with respect to feedback as the one you have given.