A Delightful Bolivia Workshop

I have just returned from teaching my latest photo workshop in Bolivia. It was a really fun workshop, with dedicated participants, lots of photo opportunities and plenty of enjoyable moments. Most important for us, the workshop teachers, was seeing how each participants were able to develop their photography during the 10 days we were travelling in eastern parts of Bolivia.

This workshop involves a lot more travelling than most of the workshops I teach. More or less every second day we were taking off to a new town or village, which both makes the workshop more adventures as well as add some pressure with regards to being able to find time for picture critiques and lectures every day.

We were travelling in the footsteps Che Guevara and his failed revolutionary attempt in Bolivia fifty years ago. Following his last days was just a framework for the travel not a theme for the photographing—unless participants chose to do so. After meeting up in Santa Cruz, the financial hub in eastern Bolivia, we took off first to Samaipata, then to Vallegrand and La Higuea before returning to Santa Cruz. The highlight was no doubt La Higuera, a small village high up in the mountains with a handful of houses and only 43 inhabitants.

I think it’s fair to say, that the combinations of daily feedback on photos the participants take as well as being able to photograph one and one next to either me or my colleague Sven Creutzmann, with whom I taught the workshop, give a good dynamic for each participant to develop his or her photography. The result was noticeable. A lot of very strong imagery was captured during the workshop.

This is the third team we have organized this workshop.

Here are a couple of glimpses behind the scene during the workshop. Later on, I will get back with photos we shot during the ten days in Bolivia.

5 thoughts on “A Delightful Bolivia Workshop

  1. Such wonderful photos and I am impressed with each one. But I really love, simply for the warmth of the interaction, the photo of the artist sharing her photos with the woman, likely the subject of some of those photos. A lovely interpersonal scene, captured by a second photographer. Very fun!

  2. Of course I’m envious in healthy ways; one is that Bolivia remains at the top of my ‘need to visit’ list, and two, the best way to start will be to attend one of your workshops there.

    The images all capture what a great group- everyone comfortable and at peace, just enjoying life on this planet — if only it could be like that everywhere!

    I lingered at the edge of the stream, where the locals were washing/cooling the celergy/apio (?) — and I was curious to know about their farming techniques… I’m afraid I would have taken off my shoes and waded out there to inspect more closely!!!!

    Congrats to all participants – and to the maestros as well!

    1. It would have been very easy to wade out in the river and get close to the people washing the celery – which is what it was. Hopefully we will get to meet up somewhere, in Bolivia, Ecuador or somewhere else.

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