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Cuba in Transit





The demise of Cuba’s former head of state, Fidel Castro, has been in the news all over the world. The big question is of course what is going to happen with Cuba now that the mastermind behind the Cuban revolution and the one in charge of Cuba’s policy the last half of the previous century has passed away.

No doubt changes will come, as they already have. Still, as long as Fidel Castro’s brother, Raúl Castro, is in charge nothing big is likely going to happen over night. Then more influential on imminent changes is probably the opening for US tourists to travel to Cuba. US tourists are already visiting the country increasingly. And more is expected to come. Of course, it still remains to see what effect the election of Trump will have on relations between USA and Cuba.

Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that Cuba is in a transition. The passing of Fidel Castro is an indicator of the new times to come. Many visitors travelling to Cuba these days do so in order to experience the Cuba as it is and has been under the Castro era. Before it’s too late.

Thus, if you plan to experience Cuba before the big changes, it’s about time to do something about it. If you are a photographer, what better way to do so than joining Blue Hour Photo Workshops next workshop in Cuba in the end of April next year? Look up our street photography workshop in Cuba for more information.

The photos here were taken during a period of the last 25 years.



  Sue wrote @

Sadly, end of April I am otherwise engaged….planning any more next year?

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

That is a pity, but I bet you are up for something exciting, anyway. To Cuba I have no other plans next year. But I will teach a workshop in the autumn, most likely in either Prague or Villajoyosa in Spain.

  Marie wrote @

I am off to Cuba at the end of January for a class and am looking forward to it. Booked before I saw you trip. I will look for information on the Prague or Spain class.

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

I am sure you will have a great time when going to Cuba. It would be fun to have you come along on my workshop next autumn, wherever it finally will take place. 🙂

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