Now Is the Time

En av mange gamle amerikanere som trafikkere gaten som kollektivdrosjer

As announced a couple of weeks ago, Blue Hour Photo Workshops will once again organize a photo workshop in Cuba, this time from April 29th to May 6th. We expect to have more interest for the workshop than ever. Cuba has become an increasingly sought after destination for photographers and tourists alike.

They come from all over the world, now even regularly from the United States. Up until recently US citizens were not allowed to travel to Cuba, but after the thaw between USA and Cuba the last few years, it’s been ever more easy for US citizens to travel to Cuba.

The conditions are still not normalized. US citizens still have to comply with certain regulations to make a legal trip to Cuba. Nevertheless, American travellers are now able to take commercial flights between the two countries, something they haven’t been able to do in 50 years.

There is still a limitation of 12 acceptable categories to travel to Cuba, outlined by the United States Department of the Treasury. To attend a workshop like Blue Hour Photo Workshops are organizing US citizen would go under a people-to-people program under the educational exchange category. These days, it’s not necessary to obtain a special license. Now all you have to do is clicking a box on the online form when making your travel arrangements.

When in Cuba, US citizens are required to keep records showing an itinerary of approved activities. If you are an American and are considering attending our workshop, Blue Hour Photo Workshops will provide you with such a itinerary that you can use for both planning and during the participation.

For more information about how to travel to Cuba as a US citizen, New York Times had a very informative article about the requirements imposed by the authorities.

Cuba is changing rapidly, not the least because of the influx of travellers from all over the world, included United States. If you want to experience the special paradox and cultural depth of present-day’s Cuba, now is the time to go. Why not come along on our photo workshop for an exceptional experience. More information about Blue Hour Cuba photo workshop.


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