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Fun in Prague




The Prague photo workshop in the end of September was a first for me and Blue Hour Photo Workshop. Now that a couple of weeks have pasted since the workshop I am still thinking about the great bunch of people who participated and made it into a special event. I am also regularly recalling how much fun we had.

Of course I am biased as the workshop organizer and teacher, but the feedbacks from the participants were equally positive. I think it’s fair to say—in all honesty—that we all enjoyed those couple of days in the Czech capital.

I think it was a good mix of exploring the city together, lectures, picture critique and shooting on our own—and so the participants conveyed in their evaluation of the workshop. As always in a photo workshop it was busy, but everybody took the challenges in a stride. They were eager and photographed early mornings and late evenings.

Taking place over an extended weekend it was a lot of ground to be covered during the workshop. Although I personally and usually prefer to teach workshop over a full week, I think we found a right balance between relatively few and hectic days and what we set out to accomplish. At least one participant expressed a desire for one or two days more, which I will consider for the next workshop. At the same time, running the workshop over an extended weekend makes it easier for many to participate, since they—in this case at least—didn’t have to ask for more than one day of leave from work.

Prague is in many ways a perfect place for a street photography workshop. It has so much to offer, always busy, lots going on everywhere in the city core and it offers a splendid cultural and historical backdrop. This also makes Prague one of the most sought after place for visitors and tourists from around the world. The old town and the famous Charles Bridge are definitely packed with tourist at most any time. Still, the early birds found a city almost vacant, except for the handful of photo enthusiasts that gathered every morning on Charles Bridge to capture the sunrise. We were certainly not the only photographers exploring Prague, but were «competing» with anything from amateurs to professionals en masse.

In the end—and most importantly—all the participants came out of the workshop each with an excellent portfolio of pictures from Prague. They all grew and expanded their photographing vision during the workshop. In later posts we will showcase their work.

Maybe I’ll see you in the next workshop in Prague?







  Sue wrote @

Looks like a good time was had by all, Otto!

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

Indeed so. 🙂

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