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Developing Your Photographic Voice

Would you like to develop your photographic voice? My eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice» will aid you on the way. I will guide you and at the same time let you find your own way. Your photographic voice is genuinely something you can only develop yourself, but I know from previous workshops, that I can facilitate the process.

On May 9th. Otto von Münchow from Blue Hour Photo Workshops will start another round of this much acclaimed workshop. Over eight weeks you will have a chance to develop your photographic skills and grow significantly as a photographer. If you are curious about the workshop why don’t you try it out by getting the first lesson for free. No commitments attached to it. You receive the first lesson and get a chance to check it. If you want to do the workshop, you can sign up later.

Get first lesson for free

I know; eight weeks sound like a huge commitment, but remember I always try to be flexible and let participants catch up if they can’t deliver each week. How much work you have to put down for it to be worthwhile various from one person to another. Some shoot an hour or two each week, while others may spend time photographing each day of the week. Naturally, the more time you spend photographing the more you will benefit from the workshop, but in the end it’s all up to you. However the approach is, I think everybody who has participated in the workshop over the years, feel they have grown photographically over the eight weeks’ span. I am so confident that this is a great way to develop you photographic voice, that if you sign up and are not happy I will reimburse the money you spent on it.

This is how it works: In the beginning of each week you will receive a little ebooklet in which I discuss the week’s theme and give ideas to how to approach a specific photographic challenge in order to develop your photographic voice. The booklet will also give you concrete assignments as well. Then you have the rest of the week to shoot, experiment and work on the assignments. By the end of the week you send in a selection of your work, which I then will give my feedback on and suggest further ways to develop your photography. In addition I will always be available for questions and help. The themes are among others; photographic seeing, understanding colour, visual language, the passionate voice and why your choice of subject matters, to mention some of them.

Do you want to develop your photographic voice? Why don’t you sign up for the next workshop starting as of May 9th? You will find more information here.

Get first lesson for free


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