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Changing Cuba





As Cuba is changing rapidly. In some areas the country is hardly recognizable compare to only few years ago. The changes are mostly seen as positive by the Cubans themselves, like the possibility to open small private businesses, the possibility to sell houses and apartments (and not only through exchange as it was before) and for the young generation; particularly having a bit more internet access (although generally it’s still only for the few and still extremely slow).

Most of the changes are economically, while politically nothing much has changed for the Cubans. Yes, there is less propaganda than before, and there are hardly any political rallies or demonstrations any more, but the political control still hasn’t eased, maybe even to the contrary. The biggest political change happens at an international level with the opening of the diplomatic relationships between Cuba and USA.

It’s still not quite normalized as we found out, my colleague and I, for last year’s photo workshop in Havana and Trinidad. We had a nice number of US participants signed up for the workshop, but one by one they cancelled due to the still quite bureaucratic process of getting travel permits (by the US authorities that is). Hopefully this will change, too.


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