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Look at Yourself

© Nancy de Flon

© Nancy de Flon

© Ingunn Nesset

© Ingunn Nesset

© Helen Chen

© Helen Chen

© Mike Mills

© Mike Mills

© Jennifer Clark

© Jennifer Clark

To make self-portraits is an excellent exercise for any photographer – but maybe also one of the most challenging to do. I am not talking about easy and casual selfies – which most everybody takes these days. But to try to portrait yourself with honesty, trying to capture the true self and revealing your deepest emotions – that take both surmounting and courage.

In eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice», making self-portraits is one of the assignments I give my students – and maybe for many one of the hardest. Nevertheless – and often despite some reluctance initially – I always find that the students come up with both creative and revealing images. Just look at the ones showcased here, taken by participants of the eWorkshop taught last year. Aren’t they just that; honest, revealing and creative? It’s always interesting to see how everybody comes up with different solutions, even those who initially hate the thought of taking self-portrait.

I have taken self-portrait myself – and know how excruciating exposed (literally and of course more importantly; in a figurative sense of the word) one feels in the process. But you learn so much about yourself in the process. Maybe something for you to try as well?



  Sue wrote @

I remember having to take a self-portrait for your workshop…interesting!

  elenacaravela wrote @

Expressive shots!

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

Thank you, Elena.

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