Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

Beauty in Forms and Shapes

© Monica Engell

© Monica Engell

© Monica Engell

© Monica Engell

© Monica Engell

Monica Engell has an affinity for architecture. Look at her pictures and it will be very evident. The way she photographs a city’s look and a city’s feeling is, yes, with a sharp eye, but even more so with her heart. The viewer can almost sense Monica’s emotional response when she captures the lines, the forms and the shapes of the city. We can follow her flow through the cityscape, see what she not only saw but felt for the manmade environment she wanders around in. If you look up her blog Et Lite Øyeblikk (A Small Moment) you will discover the same approach with all her subject, whether it be people, still life or nature. She combines her ability to connect with an almost classical eye for design and composition. And makes it hers. She sees beauty and wonder in whatever she directs her camera at. Monica’s photos, which are showcased here, she shot while taking the eWorkshop of Blue Hour Photo Workshops last spring.


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