Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

Stories behind Stories

© Nicolaas Kuipers

© Nicolaas Kuipers

© Nicolaas Kuipers

© Nicolaas Kuipers

© Nicolaas Kuipers

When Nicolaas Kuipers attending Blue Hour Photo Workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain, this spring he arrived full of energy and with an exhilarating positive attitude. He had been a passionate photographer before, but lately had put the camera away. Just before signing up for the workshop, he had found the old passion again, which was very evident during the workshop. He worked hard with his photography, he was out shooting early and late, and he was willing to open up his mind for new ideas and thoughts I and the other students in the workshop could offer him. Space was one of the concepts he really caught on to, I believe – that is the space that exists around the main subject, the scene, one could say, where the situation being photographed unfolds. Nicolaas began capturing this space, not only as a given element in his photograph, but incorporating it into the stories – whatever they are – in the images, and making that space come beautiful alive on its own. In addition, Nicolaas went beyond the obvious subject, capturing not only subject matter and the palpable story taking place before the camera, but through his approach, the use of perspective and space; and awaiting the special moment, his photos reveal the intangible story behind the story.


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