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Spiritual Seekers

© Lynne Hayes

© Lynne Hayes

© Lynne Hayes

© Lynne Hayes

© Lynne Hayes

For her personal photo project while doing the eWorkshop taught by Blue Hour Photo Workshops last spring, Lynne Hayes chose to focus on a Songkarn Festival held at he local Buddhist temple in Tampa, Florida. What she did best while working on the project was to get close to the people and the worshipers who visited the temple. She captures their contemplation and their religious reverence, but more importantly she captures the human spirit behind the religious rituals. In her images she shows the human spirit that seeks comfort or gratification in a divine being. The worshipers are first and foremost human beings. But they are human beings seeking something beyond their physical constrains. There is peacefulness and a deep respect in the way Lynne captured the spirit at the Buddhist temple. For more of her work please look up Lynne’s blog Six Degrees Photography.



  Playamart – Zeebra Designs wrote @

The photos are very sensitive and show her respect as well. beautiful!

  suej wrote @

I agree that Lynne has been both sensitive and respectful in capturing these images – lovely work.

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