Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

Where Art and Life Interact

© Susan Judd

© Susan Judd

© Susan Judd

© Susan Judd

© Susan Judd

Susan Judd attended the eWorkshop I taught earlier this spring. She has a very strong visual sense and likes to play elements up against one another. In addition I see a social concern in her photographic work, which radiates from her approach and in the way she visually express her chosen subjects. For her personal photo project during the eWorkshop, Susan chose to work with street art. But she didn’t just want to render the street art as it appears on walls, palings or fences, but were looking for ways to capture the interaction between people on the street and the street art itself. More so she had an intention to make the two elements blend together, so that the people in her images almost seem to blend with the art. The result is a series of strong images. They are full of colours and life, captured in moments of close relationship with the street art. There is a beautiful fluidity in her images; a dynamic which seems almost to stretch beyond the physical and literal subject Susan turns her camera towards. She creates small worlds within worlds. For more of Susan’s work please look up her blog WordsVisual.


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