Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

A Street Artist

© Morten Golimo

© Morten Golimo

© Morten Golimo

© Morten Golimo

© Morten Golimo

Morten Golimo is an artist. During the workshop Blue Hour Photo Workshops taught in Villajoyosa this spring his approach to photographing the streets of the Spanish small-town was with an artist’s eye and understanding of light and composition. All his photos are beautifully composed and bring forward the sense of place and atmosphere. He works with tedious precision and takes his time to frame the subject. And in the post-processing he is more concerned about how the world he photographs looks like to him than how the camera actually captures it. Morten wants to convey the emotional ambience more than the pure physical content of the subject. As the artist he is, Morten is grounded and is able to express his personal vision with conviction. At the same time his is willing to be put to a challenge. During the workshop he was challenge to photograph on the street with a more intuitive approach, to let go of control and get out of his usual comfort zone. At first it was a testing challenge, but eventually he brought back some captivating images quite different from his usual way of shooting. You may find more about Morten Golimo on his website.


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