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Faces of a Street

© Christopher O’Keefe

© Christopher O’Keefe

© Christopher O’Keefe

© Christopher O’Keefe

© Christopher O’Keefe

For his personal photo project during the eWorkshop earlier this year Christopher O’Keefe chose to go onto the street with his camera. He did a classical street photo essay. His intent was to make photographs along Elm Street – the main street – in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire, USA to try to convey a sense of place. In so doing Christopher challenged his own inhibition of approaching people on the street – which anyone who has photographed on the street know is a very testing challenge. He did very well. Christopher has captured life as it unfolds on a couple of blocks on downtown Elm Street. His images show the many facets of the street life. Whether he captures a parade, a kid playing on the street or customers relaxing inside a café, Christopher does so with honesty and sincerity. He photographs people on or along Elm Street as the classical observing photographer; he lets the action unfold without interrupting and captures its essence at its revealing moment. For more of his photo from the street project have a look at Christopher’s blog.



  lumar1298 wrote @

Lovely captures…

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

Thank you.

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