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The Shadows of Recession

© Terje I. Olsson

© Terje I. Olsson

© Terje I. Olsson

© Terje I. Olsson

© Terje I. Olsson

During the photo workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain, Terje I. Olsson focused on the economic recession in the country for his photo project. The economy in Spain has been under pressure for the last many years. It has translated into hardship for most Spaniards; unemployment, uncertainty, unrest, uneasiness and deprivation for too many. The first area to be hit by a recession is the housing market, which was very evident in Villajoyosa. Everywhere houses and apartments were being announced for sale or rent. That was what Terje captured with his camera. His images show beautiful houses, closed down and for sale, they show rundown house that has been on the market for a long time and his images show buildings under construction where the work has been stopped in the middle because of the recession. There is a glooming quietness in his photos, a telling contrast between beautiful colours and an almost lifeless atmosphere and his images convey a sense of downfall and almost death. His visual language is subtle, but all the more poignant.


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  Island Traveler wrote @

You captured the hearts of the people living in this houses and community. It is sad that we are leaving in a time of recession and uncertainty but then it is part of life’s challenges. One day soon, things will get better.

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