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Facing a Personal Tragedy

© Angeline Muñoz

© Angeline Muñoz

© Angeline Muñoz

© Angeline Muñoz

© Angeline Muñoz

For her personal photo project when attending the eWorkshop Blue Hour Photo Workshops taught earlier this year, Angeline Muñoz found courage to face a trauma that had hit her family severely the year before. As she wrote on her blog her «daughter’s marriage was crumbling, and the man, who had promised ten years before to love her always, snapped and set fire to their home. The shell of the house remained intact; the interior was utter devastation». While contemplating what kind of theme she should pick for her personal photo project, she just one morning woke up knowing she had to go back to that house and make this her essay. The house was then being torn apart to begin reconstruction – and with some initial hesitation Angeline started to document the state of the house and the work being done. It was a very emotional encounter for Angeline and I can only say I was very impressed with her courage to face her own demons from that traumatic experience. It became a very personal project indeed, and not only was the result outstanding and very touching, but I think it even somewhat appeased Angeline’s own thoughts of that dark day last year. Her images of the house being demolished are soft spoken, but very intense. In all the sadness behind every photo, there is still beauty in the way she captured – and processed – the photo essay, which only enhances the sense of a tragedy behind the literal subject of those photos. Her images touch the viewer with their honesty and the way they directly speak to viewers. They speak of discernment and sincerity as well as of courage.


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  Playamart – Zeebra Designs wrote @

the first image is a perfect choice to enter the mood of the post, and the finale – wow, it’s quite sobering.

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