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Logger’s Life

© Anita Otrebski

© Anita Otrebski

© Anita Otrebski

© Anita Otrebski

© Anita Otrebski

It’s time to present the work of another participant from the eWorkshop by Blue Hour Photo Workshops earlier this spring. Anita Otrebski focuses on her fellow human beings and on human conditions. Those of you who follow her blog have seen a lot of strong portraits and captivating street photographs by Anita, particularly from China. For her personal project in the eWorkshop she once again turned her camera towards her favourite subject. This time she had found a group of seasoned loggers that came together once a week to keep up with their traditions. They clear forest and chop logs down to firewood. Her images captured their casual and playful spirit. The images also show that age is no limitations when it comes to hard work. As a viewer you can really feel the joy and their enthusiasm for what they are doing. It’s simple work, it’s hard work, but it’s theirs. This is work they enjoy and not the least men amongst men who enjoy themselves more than anything else. There are a closely related group of friends. Anita has captured their strong connections and trusting relationships. We sense that they don’t necessarily and openly show their emotions, but nevertheless do feel strongly for each other. And underneath all the hard work, there is humour and light-heartedness. Just look at the last photo. Doesn’t it say it all?



  elenacaravela wrote @

The bond between the men is evident in these images. Kudos to you Anita.

  lumar1298 wrote @

Get portraits… I always have a hard time with portraits…

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