Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

The Quiet and Respectful Observer

Time has come to showcase the first work by one of the participants from the Blue Hour photo workshop in Villajoyosa in Spain earlier in May this year. As mentioned last week we will alternate between showing participants’ work from respectively this workshop and the eWorkshop that finished up just before the workshop in Villajoyosa.

Erik Waage was clear from the beginning that he wanted to work with religion as a theme for his personal project during the workshop in Villajoyosa. And he set out with a determination that was impressive. Already from day one did he return with strong and telling images. There is an immediacy and a respect in the way he approach his theme. The viewer feel connected to the event taking place in his photos, whether it’s of the deepest religious nature or of a more unrestrained joy. Erik Waage is the observer in the classical sense of a street photographer. He waits for the moment, and captures this moment when it’s most telling and at its peak. His images are quiet, but show profound sensitivity. It doesn’t matter if it is people dancing or artefacts of religious value; Erik Waage captures the essence with a direct and magnificent expression. His colour palette is gentle and gracious, just like the way he portrays the world as he sees it.



  suej wrote @

Very interesting, Otto. I like the way Erik has come in close in these images and makes us feel part of the scene. I think you are right in saying the images and indeed the colour palette are gentle and gracious.

  elenacaravela wrote @

Beautiful images. Your commentary says it all.

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