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Beautiful Decay

© Linda Paul

© Linda Paul

© Linda Paul

© Linda Paul

© Linda Paul

Blue Hour Photo Workshops have finished two workshops this spring. One was an eWorkshop that was taught for the first time and the second a regular photo workshop in Villajoyosa in Spain – also a first time. Over the next couple of weeks we will present the work of the students from both workshops here on this blog.

As the first to go we are very happy to present Linda Paul’s personal photo project about decay and abandonment. She participated in the eWorkshop and showed some amazing development during the eight weeks, which I think is right to say, all culminated in this project. Linda Paul directed her camera to the open plains of Idaho where leftovers from man and rural societies were her focus. She brings an aesthetic that particularly in the photos of details is quiet and reflective. We see sadness in the remnants of what was once elements of people’s lives, but at the same time she shows us the beauty in the decay. It’s as if people could appear again at any time, pick up the pieces and continue their simple life. Yet, we feel the absolute abandonment, these are lives that have been lived, these are objects that will never shine again, except as remainders in Linda Paul’s beautiful images. Through the way she has processed the images we are transcended to a time long gone, we feel a longing and melancholy, as if it’s our own past we look down upon.

The pictures shown here are only a few representative examples from Linda Paul’s project. Go to Linda’s post Looking at time through a lens for more pictures. What do you think about the images? What emotions do they evoke in you?



  Playamart – Zeebra Designs wrote @

i loved seeing her post and loved the nostalgic ‘vanishing america’ tone to her images. i now live where it seems i have stepped back in time.. if only we could step into her photos and do the same.

  suej wrote @

Very atmospheric, sensitively drawn photo series….

  sixdegreesphotography wrote @

Nice to see this again.. She did a fantastic job on her project!

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