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Photography is a constant travel to new places

Come along to Cuba

Handling fra en luke i veggen

Blue Hour Photo Workshops will once again teach a workshop in amazing Cuba. Cuba is a place all photographers fall in love with. Here is a chance to discover this colourful country and its people guided by two photographers who both have vast experience teaching photo workshops and know Cuba in and out. Blue Hour Photo Workshops with Sven Creutzmann and Otto von Münchow have the pleasure to invite photographers who would love to see and photograph Cuban daily life and experience the country’s rich culture and decaying beauty for an eight days photo workshop in the end of October. We will spend time in the pulsating capital, Havana, and then head out to the beautiful colonial city, Trinidad on the southern shore of the island. The workshop goes from October 26th to November 2nd 2014. We can promise you this will be an amazing experience, combining photography with one of the most photogenic places in the world.




  suej wrote @

Ooh, I hope you go another year, I’m otherwise involved this year!

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

Cuba will be a returning event. Don’t worry, more chances will come. 🙂

  suej wrote @

🙂 I loved Cuba when I went 9 years ago, and drove 600 miles across the country. Quite an experience, and I have always intended to return.

  sixdegreesphotography wrote @

Oh that is one place I’d love to go since I live in South Florida but as far as I know, Americans can not visit there..

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

You can, but only on special conditions for instance through a cultural exchange program. But that’s a different story…

  sixdegreesphotography wrote @

I googled it and not sure I would fall into any of the categories. Will do some more research as Cube being so close to me has always been a place i wanted to visit

  rangewriter wrote @

Sixdegrees, a friend of mine was in Cuba in February of this year. She loved it. She and a girlfriend went w/o being part of a tour group or a cultural exchange. It can be done.

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

You are quite right, Linda. One doesn’t have to be part of a group or a cultural exchange (for US citizens that is – for all others it’s very easy…).

  Photography Project #1 | six degrees photography wrote @

[…] thoughtful critique opened up a new world of photography for me. His next workshop is being held in Cuba and while as an American travel there is difficult, I can only envy the […]

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