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Workshop Done





An intense week of teaching a photo workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain, has come to an end. It was intense, but very fulfilling and great fun – I think for everybody. At least for me as the teacher the 10 participants were great to work with; they all put in a lot of energy, were willing to be pushed and taken out of their comfort zone, and came with enthusiasm and a positive spirit. And they all produced some great work during the week we spend together. My workshops aren’t exactly holidays, but the participants were willing to do the work; shooting long hours and sitting up all night editing pictures. Over the workshop they were all able to demonstrate considerable development, of course some more than others – which for me shows their dedication to the photographic process. Over the next half year or so I will present their strong body of work (along with the work by the participants of the eWorkshop I taught just before going to Villajoyosa). Today I present a handful of my own photos I was able to shoot in between teaching the workshop, but I am proud to say these photos don’t even come close to what the participants were able to produce. I look forward to present their work.



  elenacaravela wrote @

These are wonderful Otto. I look forward to seeing the efforts of your students!

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

Thank you, Elena.

  Nicolaas Kuipers wrote @

It was a great workshop with focus on the right values, breaking bondaries and a lot of work. Everyone enjoyed it, and some new streetphotographers are possible born!
Thanks a lot to Otto for an extremly well done driven workshop!

  Otto von Münchow wrote @

And thank, Nicolaas, for always being positive. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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