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Photography is a constant travel to new places

Finding Your Photographic Voice

Finding Your Voice_Poster_BHPW

Would you like to improve you photographic skills – become better at capturing pictures which show and tell what you saw for your inner eye when pushing the shutter button? Would your like to develop you personal photographic voice, the distinctive way of conveying how you see the world around you?

And would like an affordable option to the more expensive workshops we teach around the world? Then Blue Hour Photo Workshops has the deal for you. Take an eWorkshop. We are launching a complete new eWorkshop taking place over eight weeks where you will receive new assignments every week and get feedback from the teacher Otto von Münchow following each assignment. Sounds interesting?




  Dalo 2013 wrote @

This is a great concept Otto, e-workshops are the best value.

  Gifted Students | Blue Hour Photo Workshops wrote @

[…] are well underway in the first eWorkshop of mine, «Finding Your Photographic Voice», which was launched earlier this year. It’s been a really fun process working with this concept. I have simply […]

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