Workshop in Spain

En eldre mann på tur i gamlebyen i Villajoyosa som er en fargerik Kardemommeby

Do you want to come along with Otto von Münchow – one of the founders of Blue Hour Photo Workshops – to the picturesque town of Villajoyosa this spring? We are launching a complete new photo workshop in this lovely little town on the coast of Costa Blanca in Spain. This town is such a lovely, little pearl. After having spent some time there; we thought it would be a perfect place to teach a photo workshop. Alas, here it is. In May Blue Hour Photo Workshops will offer a five days workshop in Villajoyosa at the most pleasant time of the year – before it is too hot and while this coastal landscape is both lush and inviting. As always the focus will be on the creative process and how you can develop your personal style and photographic vision. Sounds interesting? You may find more information about the photo workshop «Street Photography in Villajoyosa» here.

During the one week the workshop takes place, there will be ample opportunities to shoot both in Villajoyosa and the magnificent landscape surrounding the fishing village if you rather prefer that. We live centrally, within 10 minutes walk from the old town and just as short of the lovely beach that follows the waterfront along the entire Villajoyosa.

«Street Photography in Villajoyousa» takes place from May 4th to May 10th 2014.


Gamlebyen i Villajoyosa er en fargerik Kardemommeby


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