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Photography is a constant travel to new places

The Bolivian Experience

Bolivia Valle Grande 110413 © Mikael Hjuler Tlf 40 45 56 57

During the Bolivian photo workshop «In the Footsteps of Che Guevara» earlier in April this year all participants came back with some both amazing and quite personal pictures. They encountered daily life in communities not used to lots of tourists. Despite the fact that the group of 16 participating photographers almost invaded some of these small communities by sheer number, they found their own small pockets of photographic exploration. Sometimes they did shoot the same event or at the same spot, but as always when photographers work side by side, the result was completely different from one photographer to another. Mikael Hjuler found these guys in a little, local café in La Higuera. They had been chewing coca leaves all day and obviously ending up having a big lump of coca under their cheeks. Other photographers photographed the same guys, but Mikael Hjuler was able to capture their bewildered expression and at the same time curiosity for these strangers visiting and photographing their place.



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  Playamart – Zeebra Designs wrote @

great photo, and yes, her captured several emotions!

  janechese wrote @

glad you explained this, I thought it was some “tongue in cheek ” wit.

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