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A Cuban in Bolivia




As written before we just finished the Bolivia workshop for 16 professional photographers from Denmark. But, there is one more detail. We had a special participant, Cristobal Herrera, a Cuban photographer, now based in Miami.

Cristobal is a World Press Master-Class award winning photographer and well known for his unique street photography style, of which he showed a very nice set of photos during a lecture he gave on the last day of the workshop.

Cristobal joined the workshop to go back to his photographic roots and only shoot in black & white. So he only took one camera, one lens (28) and 20 rolls of Ilford HP5. He obviously had a very good timing in his shooting, since he came home with all rolls shot, but 3 frames left on the last one.

Right now he is developing the films (D-76 fans alert!), so we are looking forward to seeing the first images soon. But besides shooting B&W, he did something else very interesting: He mounted a GoPro atop his hot-shoe and took scenery video while shooting. The images shown here are some screen grabs from the videos.


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