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Encounter with History


One of the highlights of the Bolivian photo workshop as part of «On the Tracks of Che Guevara» was meeting with Susana Osinaga. Today she is a gracious lady in her 70’s who witnessed one of the most historical known events in Bolivia. In 1967 she was working as a nurse at Nuestra Señora de Malta hospital in the village of Vallegrande. That was the year that Che Guevara was captured and executed by the Bolivian army and thus ending his world revolution. After his capture and execution Che Guevara was flown in by helicopter to Vallegrande and the hospital where Susana Osinaga worked. She was ordered to clean Guevara’s corpse before he was displayed to the international press.

Susana Osinage met the workshop participants in the laundry room where she almost 46 years earlier cleaned the revolutionary rebel and talked about the event. Back then in October 1967 she didn’t know who he was, but she noticed his angelica look and could tell the workshop participants exactly how many layers of clothes he had been wearing. According to Osinaga, Che Guevara was just like a Christ, with his strong eyes, his beard, his long hair, adding that in her view he was very miraculous. She said that no matter where she moved in the laundry room, Che Guevara’s opened eyes would follow her. Later that same evening the whole village came by to look with their own eyes this Christ figure who they still didn’t know who was. First many years later Susana Osinaga learned the truth about Che’s identity.

The participants were giving a moment of photographing Osinaga individually – and it was quite amazing to see how each and everyone came up with a different approach to the shoot. The picture shown here was taken by Marianne Leth.


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  Andrew Graeme Gould wrote @

This is truly living history. Really fascinating. Great image, too.

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