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Bolivian Memories

Family at La Higuera_small

The Bolivia photo workshop «On the Tracks of Che Guevara» is over for this time. After 10 intense and inspiring days with a group of 16 Danish photographers and photojournalists, we can only ascertain that the workshop was a huge success. It was hard work for participants, teachers and organizers, it was strenuous travelling days, it was long evenings and early mornings, it was rain, it was sun, it was merciless but constructive picture critique and it was a constant fight with a clock that didn’t have enough hours each day. We even had to fight mudslides and blocked roads because of infinite amounts of rain the first day after arriving Bolivia and if that wasn’t enough one of the cars in the convoy one day took off in a wrong direction resulting in an extra 100 k’s of driving on bad dirt roads. Still it was a great experience, it was fun, it was eye opening and it was a travel full of impressions. But most importantly every participant developed their photograph skills during the workshop – of course to a greater or lesser degree – and could all at the end show for themselves a strong and personal Bolivian portfolio.

More to come.


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  1cruzdelsur wrote @

Otto I’m glad your trip to Bolivia. Anything can happen in these distant lands. Go back in time and have surprises that can not be imagined in the first world. The adventure begins in the first minute of landing. The flavor of the journey is in the memory and the colors in the heart of the photographer who seeks the best art.
Greetings from Argentina.
your friend

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