Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

Walking the Dirt Tracks of Eastern Bolivia


The Blue Hour Photo Workshop in Bolivian is well under ways and this is the first personal account from one of the participants:

Following the photographic workshop in the neighbourhood of Bolivia’s provincial capital Santa Cruz, Danish photojournalists struggle to break out of their comfort zone approaching the Bolivian people

Walking the streets of small town of Samaipata I’m looking for ordinary Bolivians and in particular the living conditions of the Bolivian children. Visiting a kinder garden and shooting the kids, sticking the camera into people’s windows and following kids at night in streets are ingredients in breaking my personal boundaries.

Rain has been poring down for weeks during the rain season and the dirt tracks are totally mudded. Danish photojournalists are pushing cars up the dirt tracks to reach their destination. When travelling to Samaipata we run into a traffic jam when a big truck had failed climbing the dirt track after the severe mudslides. A little later we came across a minivan carrying men, women and children that had crashed into the river bank injuring several of its passengers. It wasn’t like we were missing drama.

I’m looking forward to continue the trip on even worse roads; I still work on breaking personal boundaries, the theme of the workshop.


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