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Second Edition of Photograph

A short while ago the new quarterly magazine Photograph issued its second edition. It’s an issue that continues from where the first one set off, both quality and content wise. Photograph issue 2 is full of stunning images and in-depth interviews with profiled photographers such as Martin Bailey, Andy Biggs, and Chris Orwig. The Magazine is in many ways David duChemin’s – a world & humanitarian photographer, as well as best-selling author – realization of a dream of how a photo magazine should look like. As such it’s quite different from other photo magazine, with emphasize on great pictures – and displaying them beautifully in an excellent layout – and little about technique.

As David duChemin writes in this issue’s editorial letter: «We set ourselves a simple goal; to create something beautiful and inspiring, something that didn’t yet exist in this space and would represent strong value.»

It’s an outstanding effort of creating something special from a viewpoint of and by photographers. If I have one objection, it’s still a lack of photography by documentary photographers working with human touch stories. This is foremost a magazine for nature loving photographers, although the portraits by Chris Orwig is extraordinary. Nevertheless it’s absolute a magazine to recommend. Photograph is simply a magazine like no other. It’s digitally published.




  George Weaver wrote @

Just bought this. It’s filled with fantastic photographs and clear, concise information. A great issue!

  munchow wrote @

Just for your information, there is already a third edition out.

  George Weaver wrote @

Thanks, Otto!

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