Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

All Facets of Life

What makes life as a photojournalist so fascinating and stimulating is the fact that during the course of the work you get to meet and see so many aspects of the society and the world we live in. You encounter the rich and the poor, and you come across modern and progressive living and you meet with traditional life style, you see developed societies as well as countries where people lack all basic needs. As a photojournalist you get to learn what the word we live in looks from all its facets.

Such as the young family I was shooting a couple of weeks ago. They had decided to return to their roots, to the small farm she originally had come from. Now the couple and their two kids build a new future among the one of the most spectacular sceneries that Norway can offer. They are going to live of the farm, cultivating apples and plums, while she establishes herself as a fine glass maker. A fascinating life style and I feel privileged to have been allowed to get to know them through my work.


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