Blue Hour Photo Workshops

Photography is a constant travel to new places

Going Pro

What does it take to make the transition into becoming a professional photographer? Of course it takes the craftsmanship and the technical ability to accommodate clients’ various needs. Still that is the easy part – to some extent at least. The sad reality for many is that it’s more important to be good at sales than being a good photographer. If you are good at selling yourself, you have the best chance of becoming a successful professional photographer.

Besides – and more than anything else – it takes tremendous desire to make it. Not necessarily to become the best photographer in the world, but to survive. It takes persistence to keep at it, even when it seems all in vain. It simple takes a hell of a lot of work, both as a photographer and as a businessman or -woman. You will probably work more than you ever thought you would do, but then again, if this is your passion, that’s quite okay, no?



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