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Recommended Books

Print is not dead by any means, and it’s no more evident than in all the photo books that are being published every year. For many photographers the book has become the main outlet for their personal work and the quality of the books seems to only improve as prices become more and more affordable. For anyone who loves books – and in particular photo books – this is exciting times.

Here is a selection of a few of this year’s published books that are really recommended, some by know photographers, some by lesser know. They all have in common a strong aesthetic, showing excellent photography within the boundaries of a good book layout. Testino:
Private Eye

Cindy Sherman
(by Museum of Modern Art),TopRight,35,-73_OU01_SL135_.jpgRyan McGinley:
Whistle for the Eye

Don McCullin:
The Impossible Peace Arnold:
All About Eve

Richard Mosse:
Infra Petersen:


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