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The Unbearable Lightness of Instagram

Instagram is fun to play with. It’s easy and it creates really cool pictures. The question is only; is it too easy? With Instagram installed on your cell phone, you can make almost anything look good as in the case of the two pictures shown here. Even the most boring picture, can be turned around and get a poignant intensity about it. Anyone can make cool pictures with Instagram. So where does that leave the skilled photograph?

The answer is as it has always been. Tools changes and technique becomes ever more easy, but in the end the photographer will still have to make decisions about composition, the moment of capture, how to use light and what subject matter to shoot. And although it seems like Instagram (or Hipstamatic which is very similar) creates cool imagery but itself, with time and when we get used to the knack of it, the automatic coolness will start to fade. That’s the time we using Instagram will only be but one of many creative tools for the artistic photographs.



  Instagram my Backyard | Münchow's Creative Photo Blog wrote @

[…] an atrocity, because where does that leave my profession? I wrote about this dilemma in the post The Unbearable Lightness of Instagram on the blog of Blue Hour Photo Workshops – an educational organisation I am part of. My point was […]

  Carla Saunders wrote @

when we get tired of these apps a new invention will come up. We have our basic knowledge, It’s like a new tool to try out still using your basic skills

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