New Photo Magazine

A whole new photo magazine has been born. The first issue of Photograph was released about a month ago. It’s not only a new-born magazine; it’s new in many ways. It’s a digital magazine, less about technique and equipment and more about excellent photography and equally excellent photographers. Photography is simple not a traditional magazine, and it’s a treat for any photographer who thinks that it’s not the camera that makes photos, but the man or woman behind it.

As David duChemin, editor and the man behind Photograph, says: «It’s been years since I bought a magazine other than Lenswork, mostly due to the disappointment of spending anywhere from $8 to $16 on something that’s mostly ads, just to get to that one article that’s not about Top Ten Pro Tricks to Focus Your Camera! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with learning to focus. But I’ve got that one (mostly) nailed at this point. So I made a list of the things I myself wanted. I wanted, most of all, photographs. Big, beautiful, un-cropped, and unadorned with lame comments or gigantic pull-quotes. I wanted to hear from the photographers I respected. And I wanted to learn about the things that actually impact my craft and my art, like articles about creativity, composition, and printing.»

The first issue is a wonderful magazine and promises great things for the future. Mainly the emphasis on pictures, the creative process and the showcasing of great photographers hits a home run. It still has some article about technique and camera equipment, which is fine, but it’s really the creative part of photography and the indulging in other colleagues’ brilliant work that makes it stand out. The mix in Photograph is just perfect. If one would wish for something, though, it would be more photography by documentary photographers working with human touch stories. Maybe next issue?


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